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    Getting Started



    Thank you for choosing Baseline for your water management and irrigation needs. Here’s how to get started using AppManager.

    BaseManager Help

    Setup & Operation

    Overview of Setting Up and Operating Your Controller

    How Do I Setup My Controller?
    Assigning Zones
    Updating Zone Details
    Assigning Master Valves
    Updating Master Valve Details
    Assigning Pumps (BaseStation 3200)
    Updating Pump Details
    Assigning Flow Meters
    Updating Flow Meter Details
    Assigning Moisture Sensors
    Updating Moisture Sensor Details
    Assigning Pressure Sensors (BaseStation 3200)
    Updating Pressure Sensor Details
    Assigning Event Switches
    Updating Event Switch Details
    Assigning Temperature Sensors
    Updating Temperature Sensor Details
    Assigning a Weather Station to an Irrigation Controller

    Setting Up Flow Management & Monitoring
    Setting Up a Water Source (BaseStation 1000)
    Setting Up a Water Source (BaseStation 3200)
    Setting Up a Mainline (BaseStation 3200)
    Setting Up a Control Point (BaseStation 3200)
    Assigning Zones to Mainlines (BaseStation 3200)
    Setting Up Advanced Flow Variance (BaseStation 3200)
    Setting Up Mainline and Zone Delays (BaseStation 3200)
    Setting Up a Water Source Empty Condition (BaseStation 3200)

    Working with Programs & Schedules
    Adding a BaseStation 1000 Program
    Adding a BaseStation 3200 Program
    Changing a Program
    Deleting a Program
    Working with Start, Stop, Pause Conditions in a Program
    Viewing Program Details

    Working with Weather-Based Watering
    Introduction to Baseline's Weather-Based Watering
    Overview of Setting Up Weather-Based Watering
    Finding a Weather Station in Your Area
    Connecting a Weather Station to BaseManager
    Verifying Communication with a Weather Station
    Assigning a Weather Station to an Irrigation Controller
    Reassigning a Controller to a Different Weather Station
    Deleting a Weather Station from BaseManager
    Downloading a List of Connected Weather Stations
    Viewing Weather Station Information in Quick View
    Displaying Weather Station Information from the Map
    Configuring a Program to Use Weather-based Watering (BaseStation 1000)
    Enabling a Zone to Use Weather-based Watering (BaseStation 3200)
    Conditions that Affect the Runtime for Weather-based Watering
    Checking the Calculated ETo Amount

    Operating Your Controller
    Controller Operation Overview
    Learning Flow for the Zones of a Program
    Learning Flow for a Zone
    Manually Starting or Stopping a Program
    Manually Starting or Stopping a Zone
    Setting or Canceling a Rain Delay
    Testing a Device
    Updating Controller Firmware from BaseManager
    Using Quick View
    Viewing Controller Settings
    Viewing the Status Color Key
    Using LiveView
    Clearing a BaseStation 1000 Flow Fault in LiveView

    Creating and Viewing Reports
    Displaying a Report for a Device
    Flow Meter Totals Report
    Moisture Levels Report
    Printing a Report
    Temperature Levels Report
    Water Usage Report
    Zone Run Time Report
    Zones Activity Report

    Baseline Analytics Overview
    General Information and Summary
    Real-Time Flow
    Historical Rate and Usage
    Real-Time Diagnostics
    Historical Diagnostics

    PipeView Help

    FlowStation App Help

    AdminManager Help

    Getting Started

    Getting Started
    Activating Your AppManager Account
    Signing Into AppManager and Launching AdminManager


    If you have questions, here are 3 ways to get answers:

    1.  Search within this Baseline knowledgebase

    2.  Visit the Baseline support page

    3.  Call 866-294-5847 or email, hours are from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm Eastern Time or 4:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time.