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    Getting Started

    FlowStation App: Getting Started

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    The FlowStation App enables you to remotely configure and manage your FlowStation from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

    In the FlowStation App, you can easily perform the following tasks:

    • Design flows for water sources, control points, and mainlines

    • Define operational delays for system stabilization based on time or pressure

    • Assign zones to mainlines for optimized flow resolution

    Here are the basic steps for getting started with the FlowStation App.

    1.  Activate your AppManager account. Refer to Activating Your AppManager Account.

    2.  Sign into AppManager and then launch the FlowStation App. Refer to Signing Into AppManager and Launching the FlowStation App.

    3.  Go into AdminManager and add your FlowStation. Refer to Adding a FlowStation to AppManager in the AdminManager Help.

    4.  In AdminManager, add the BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller(s) to your FlowStation. Refer to Adding a BaseStation 3200 Controller to a FlowStation in the AdminManager Help.

    5.  Configure your FlowStation in the FlowStation App. Refer to Working with FlowStation Settings.