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    Setting Up Advanced Flow Variance for a Mainline

    PipeView: Hydraulic Setting

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    Advanced flow variance enables you to set above and below variance percentages for GPM ranges. Depending on your settings, the controller monitors the flow within the range and shuts down the mainline if the measured variance is above/below the set percentage limit.

    1.  In PipeView position the hydraulic system diagram so you can see the mainline that you want to work with (refer to Using PipeView).

    2.  Click the mainline that you want to work with. The slide-out pane displays.

    3.  Click Details in the lower-right. The mainline details display.

    4.  Click Edit in the lower-right corner. The mainline details are available for editing.

    5.  If necessary, click the Advanced Flow Variance header to expand the section.

    6.  Click in the Enable Advanced Flow Variance field to add or remove the check mark. When a check mark displays in the field, advanced flow variance is enabled. When the field is empty, advanced flow variance is disabled and will not be used.

    7.  In the Variance Ranges, click the up or down arrow to set the percentages for the allowable low flow and high flow variances.

    8.  If you want zones (valves) assigned to this mainline to be stopped and corresponding master valves (MVs) shut off when the flow rate exceeds the limit, click in the Shutdown fields to display a check mark. If you do not want high or low flow to shut down the system, click in the Shutdown field to remove the check mark.

    9.  Click Save in the lower-right corner.