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    Learning Flow for the Zones of a Program

    BaseManager: Operating Your Controller

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    With one or more flow devices, the irrigation controllers have the ability to do a learn flow cycle to determine the flow for the zones of a program. From BaseManager, you can run a learn flow cycle on one program at a time.

    When the learn flow cycle begins, it will pause any running programs (on that mainline), and it will run the zones in the selected program to learn their flow. The controller takes an average of multiple readings for each zone. If the readings vary too much, the learn flow process will fail.

    1.  Make sure that the irrigation controller you want to work with is displayed in the BaseManager footer. To select a different controller, click the "Menu" icon 1620692756053-1620692756053.png in the upper-left corner of the BaseManager page, and then click "Sites and Controllers". Continue drilling down until you can select the desired controller.

    2.  Click the "Quick View" tab.

    3.  In the "Program Status" grid, find the number of the specific program that you want to learn flow for.

    4.  Click on the program number. The Program Operations pop-up box displays.

    5.  Click the "Learn Flow" icon . The Program Status changes to show that the learn flow operation is in progress.