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    Enabling a Zone to Use Weather-based Watering (BaseStation 3200)

    BaseManager: Working with Weather-Based Watering

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    When you configure a zone to use WeatherAccess, you do not enter minutes in the Water Time field in the Zone Setup screen on the controller. Instead, the time is calculated based on the zone settings, weather, and rainfall data received from BaseManager for the previous day. The calculation is performed for each zone that is enabled for WeatherAccess.

    1.  Perform one of the following options:

    • If you have a new BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller, skip to step 2.

    • If you are converting an installed BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller to WeatherAccess, update your controller to the latest firmware version. Refer to Updating Controller Firmware from BaseManager.

    2.  Make sure that the controller that you want to configure a zone to use WeatherAccess on is displayed in the BaseManager footer. To select a different controller, click the "Menu" icon 1620692756053-1620692756053.png in the upper-left corner of the BaseManager page, and then click "Sites and Controllers". Continue drilling down until you can select the desired controller.

    3.  Click the "Programs" tab. The programs on the controller are shown in the list.

    4.  Make sure that you have a weather station assigned to this controller. Refer to Assigning a Weather Station to an Irrigation Controller.


    If you have not added any programs on your BaseStation 3200, refer to Adding a BaseStation 3200 Program.

    5.  Click the program that you want to configure for WeatherAccess. The Program details page displays.

    6.  Click "Edit" in the lower-right corner of the page. The Program Edit page displays.

    7.  Add zones to the program.

    8.  Configure the following zone settings:

    Mode: Set the mode to Timed, Primary or Linked. For more information about Primary and Linked zones, refer to Setting Up a Primary Zone and Linking Zones in the BaseStation 3200 user manual.


    When you set the zone mode to "Primary", the row expands to show additional fields. For WeatherAccess Primary zones, set the "Strategy" to "Timed". You can also assign a soil moisture sensor to the zone, which will enable you to keep track of soil moisture readings and create graphs for the zone.

    Enable Weather Based Watering: Click in the box to add a checkmark. Notice that the "Weather" icon displays in the "Runtime" column and the field no longer allows user input. The runtime is a calculated value.


    To learn more about the possible values that display in the "Runtime" field, refer to the Conditions that Affect the Runtime for Weather-based Watering.

    Calculate Cycle and Soak Time: Click the icon if you want to apply calculated soak cycle values to individual zones in the program. To use this option, you must have all the hydrozone properties for the zone updated (refer to Updating Zone Details).


    When you enable WeatherAccess in BaseManager, you will see that the "Use ET Deficit Water Times" field is set to "YES" in the "Zone Setup" screen on the BaseStation 3200 controller.

    9.  Set up the start times and water windows for the program.


    Weather data used for these calculations is collected by BaseManager between 12:30AM and 12:55AM for the previous day.

    10.  Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.