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    Conditions that Affect the Runtime for Weather-based Watering

    BaseManager: Working with Weather-Based Watering

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    When you enable weather-based watering on a Baseline controller, the following conditions affect the runtime and might explain why your controller is not watering when you expect it to.

    • If the calculated runtime is less than 4 minutes, the zone will not water. The "Water Time" field in the "Zone Setup" screen and the "Runtime" field in BaseManager will display zeroes.

    • If the primary zone has a calculated runtime of less than 4 minutes, all of its linked zones will have their times set to zero also, even with a 200% tracking ratio (or greater).

    • The seasonal adjustment for the program will be applied to this runtime. If the resulting runtime is less than 4 minutes, the zone will not be watered.

    • The minimum cycle time is 4 minutes. If a zone has a cycle time of less than 4 minutes, and is then converted to weather-based watering, the cycle time will be increased to 4 minutes. If the last cycle time for a zone is less than 4 minutes, it will not run. The zone will be set to done, and the remaining time will be added to the next run.