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    Updating Controller Firmware from BaseManager

    BaseManager: Operating Your Controller

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    Baseline is proud to produce world-class irrigation control products. We're constantly adding new features and improving existing products. Firmware upgrades are always free, as long as your hardware is compatible. Check back often to see what's new!


    Important Update

    Refer to this resource for managing firmware updates in AppManager.

    1.  Click the Info icon  beside the controller description in the footer of the BaseManager page. The Controller Settings dialog box displays.

    2.  Review the Firmware Version field.

    • If a firmware update is available, the button label is Update Available. Click the button to update the firmware on the controller. While the update is in progress, the status is displayed in the Controller Settings dialog box. When the update is complete, the button label changes to Firmware is up to date.

    • If no firmware update is available, the button label is Firmware is up to date.

    3.  When you have finished updating the firmware, click Close at the bottom of the Controller Settings dialog box.