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    Adding a FlowStation Marker to the BaseManager Map

    FlowStation App: Getting Started

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    BaseManager is Baseline's powerful cloud-based central control and remote access application that is part of the AppManager framework. The maps in BaseManager provide flexible tools for managing your sites. If you have a BaseManager account, you can add a FlowStation marker on a site-level map.

    1.  Make sure the following conditions have been met:

    2.  Sign into AppManager, and then click the BaseManager icon .

    3.  From the BaseManager menu, select the Company, Site, and Controller that the FlowStation is associated with.

    4.  Click the Maps tab, and then click Current Site. The site-level map displays.

    5.  Click Edit in the lower-right corner. The Edit menu displays.

    6.  Zoom in or zoom out on the map to see the amount of detail that you need.

    7.  Click Markers, and from the list of available markers, click FlowStations. The associated FlowStations display in the menu. A + (plus mark) displays in the row of a FlowStation that has not been added to the map.

    8.  Click on the + for the FlowStation that you want to add to the map.

    9.  Position the mouse pointer in the location where you want the marker to display, and then click the right mouse button. The FlowStation marker displays on the map.

    10.  Click Save in the lower-right corner.


    For more information, refer to the Maps Topics in the BaseManager Help.