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    Setting Up Mainline Delays

    FlowStation App: Working with Mainline Settings

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    You can set up delays based on time or pressure before, between, and after zones.

    1.  On the main FlowStation App page, click the FlowStation where the mainline that you want to work with is assigned. The slide-out pane displays.

    2.  Scroll down to the section where the mainline that you want to work with is shown. If necessary, click the header rows to expand the sections.

    3.  Click the mainline that you want to work with. The Mainline information pane displays.

    4.  Click Edit in the lower-right corner. The mainline details are available for editing.

    5.  If necessary, click the Mainline and Zone Delays header to expand the section.

    6.  In the Type of Delay field, click Timed or Pressure to indicate how you want the delays to be monitored.

    7.  In the Delay fields, set the number of minutes to wait or the amount of pressure to achieve before the zone will run.

    8.  In the Number of Zones field, click the up or down arrow to set the maximum number of zones to be turned on at a time when the delay is active.

    9.  Click Save in the lower-right corner.