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    Viewing Status

    PipeView: Status, Graphs & Reports

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    In PipeView position the hydraulic system diagram so you can see the components that you are interested in (refer to Using PipeView).

    You can use either of the following methods to view the status of the hydraulic components:

    • Check the color of the label at the top of the hydraulic component box.
    • Click the hydraulic component. The slide-out pane displays. Scroll down to the General section and review the Status field. Click X to close the slide-out pane.

    Displaying the Status Color Key

    1. Click the Menu icon Menu icon in the upper-left corner. The menu displays.
    2. Click the Status Colors option. The Status Color key displays in the menu pane.
    3. When you have finished using the Status Color key, click the < in the header, and then click the < in the Menu header