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    How Do I Setup the Maps?

    BaseManager: Setting Up the Maps

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    The map for a new BaseManager account defaults to a general location based on settings in the device that was used to log into BaseManager. The user needs to set up the maps in order to manage sites, controllers, and devices from the maps.

    In BaseManager, a distinct map displays for each level. In order of increasing specificity, the levels are: Company, Site, and Controller.

    At the Company level, you can add markers for your sites. At the Site level, you can add markers for your controllers, and at the Controller level, you can add markers for zones and devices, and custom markers for non-Baseline items.

    If the default map in BaseManager is not suitable for your site, you can request an overlay image that will allow you to customize what you see in the BaseManager map view. Refer to How Do I Request an Overlay Image?