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    How Do I Request an Overlay Image?

    BaseManager: Setting Up the Maps

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    The maps in BaseManager provide flexible tools for managing your sites. However, the images from the map provider are sometimes outdated. If you have a preferred image of your site or an as-built drawing, Baseline Support can upload that image as an overlay in BaseManager. Then, when you go to the Maps tab for a specific controller, your image will display.


    TerraServer has digital imagery available for purchase. Go to to view the imagery of your site and select the view that best meets your needs. The TerraServer viewer displays image download purchase options and pricing.

    Baseline charges a one-time fee of $100 for each map overlay.

    Submitting a Map Overlay Request

    1.  Save the image to be used as the overlay in one of the following formats: PNG, TIF, or JPG.

    2.  Find the Lat/Long coordinates of the upper-left and the lower-right corners for the placement of the image.

    For Example

    In Google Maps, navigate to your location. Go into Earth (satellite) view. Zoom in until you can see features that distinguish the corners of your location. Click in the upper-left corner of the image. A box displays the approximate Lat/Long coordinates for the location. Carefully write down those coordinates and label them as "upper-left." Repeat the procedure to get the coordinates for the lower-right corner. Carefully write down those coordinates and label them as "lower-right."

    3.  In BaseManager, find the exact name of the company and site that the overlay image is for.

    4.  In BaseManager, find the MAC address of the controller that the overlay image is for. To find the MAC address in BaseManager, select "Administration" from the main menu and the sub-menu. In the Admin interface, select "My Controllers". Find the MAC address for the specific controller in the table. Carefully write down the MAC address.

    5.  Use the information that you gathered to complete the Overlay Request form. Attach the image file to the form, and then submit the form.

    6.  When Baseline Support receives your submitted form, they will contact you to arrange for payment. They will contact you again when your overlay image is in place.