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    Viewing the Controller and Device Status from the Map

    BaseManager: Viewing the Maps

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    Before you can test a device from the map, the corresponding device must be configured in BaseManager, and a marker must be added to the map for that device.

    1.  In the main BaseManager interface, click the "Maps" tab, and then click the level where the marker for the device that you want to view the status of is located. A blue check mark displays next to the map level that is selected.


    If you want to view the status of a device on a specific controller, make sure that controller is displayed in the BaseManager footer. To select a different controller, click the "Menu" icon 1620682518410-1620682518410.png in the upper-left corner of the BaseManager page, and then click "Sites and Controllers". Continue drilling down until you can select the desired controller.

    2.  Find the marker for the controller or device that you want to view the status of. The marker color represents the status of the controller or device.

    3.  To see the meaning of the colors, view the Status Color Key. Refer to How Do I View the Status Color Key?