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    Overview of the Hydraulic Layout

    FlowStation App: Working with the Hydraulic Layout

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    The FlowStation enables up to 20 BaseStation 3200 irrigation controllers to share water resources including water sources, control points, and mainlines. The FlowStation can manage 20 water sources (WS), 20 control points (CP), and 40 mainlines (ML).

    When BaseStation 3200 irrigation controllers are connected to a FlowStation and the required water sources, control points, and mainlines from all controllers are set up as shared resources, the FlowStation sees the resources as a whole and users can connect any hydraulic component to another. For this reason, it’s useful to refer to an as built drawing or a map of your hydraulic system when you are setting up the layout in the FlowStation App.

    If you have assigned any hydraulic system connections in the BaseStation 3200 or in the FlowStation, those connections display in the slide-out pane on the FlowStation App as shown in the illustration below.

    If you have not assigned any hydraulic system connections, the sections are empty, and you can use the Add option within each section to start creating the connections. Refer to the Hydraulic Layout topics for more information.

    You can also look at the hydraulic system diagram in PipeView™ to visualize the structure of the connections. Refer to Viewing the Hydraulic Layout in PipeView.