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    Removing an Existing Connection from the Hydraulic Layout

    FlowStation App: Working with the Hydraulic Layout

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    In FlowStation App, you can connect hydraulic components together to build a representation of your hydraulic layout. If you find an existing connection that you no longer need, you can remove it. If you find a connection that you need to change, you must remove it, and then add the correct component.

    Any connection changes that you make in FlowStation App are automatically copied to the associated BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller(s), to BaseManager (if subscribed), and to the FlowStation.

    1.  On the main FlowStation App page, click the FlowStation where the hydraulic connections that you want to work with are assigned. The slide-out pane displays.

    2.  Click any of the headings to expand the sections if necessary. Any existing connections display under the headings.

    3.  Click Edit in the lower-right corner. The Remove option displays in the connection rows.

    4.  Find the row for the connection that you want to remove, and then click the X. A message confirms that the connection was removed.

    5.  Click Save. A message confirms that the changes were saved.