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    Working with Control Point Settings

    PipeView: Hydraulic Settings

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    In PipeView, you can add or update the following control point settings:


    Any changes that you make in PipeView are automatically copied to the associated BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller(s), to BaseManager (if subscribed), and to the FlowStation (if applicable).

    • The control point description

    • Whether the control point is enabled or disabled

    • Enable and define the control point group for that control point which allows the FlowStation to activate the control point with the smallest GPM in that group to supply water for downstream zones based on their requested GPM

    • The target flow of the control point

    • High and unscheduled flow limits and whether or not to shut down if the flow limit is exceeded

    • High and low pressure limits and whether or not to shut down if the pressure limit is exceeded    
      • Devices assigned to that control point, including:
      • Edit a flow sensor description
      • Enable or disable a flow sensor
      • Define the K-value for the flow sensor
      • Edit a master valve description
      • Enable or disable a master valve
      • Define whether the master valve is normally open

    Refer to the topics within this section for specific instructions.