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    Creating and Viewing Reports

    BaseManager: Reports

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    When you choose a report from the "Reports" menu, the report is generated based on the default or the previous report settings. You can modify the settings and run the report again to customize the results. The reports are based on the current site and controller.

    The following reports are available. To read a description of each report, click the report name links below:

    Water Usage Report

    Zones Activity Report

    Zone Run Time Report

    Moisture Levels Report

    Temperature Levels Report

    Flow Meter Totals Report

    1.  Make sure that the site and controller that you want to generate the report for is displayed in the BaseManager footer. To select a different controller, click the "Menu" icon 1620692756053-1620692756053.png in the upper-left corner of the BaseManager page, and then click "Sites and Controllers". Continue drilling down until you can select the desired controller.

    2.  Click the "Menu" icon, and then click "Reports".

    3.  In the "Reports" menu, click the report that you want to view.

    4.  To change the report settings and run a new report, click the "Edit" icon . The Report Parameters pop-up box displays. The selected parameters are indicated by a check mark.

    5.  Click the buttons at the top of the pop-up box to make changes to the report settings.

    6.  In the "Date & Time" parameters, click the "Calendar" icon to change the "End Date". Click the "Clock" icon to change the "End Time". The Start Date and Start Time are automatically calculated based on the selected interval and the End Date and End Time.

    7.  On the "Water Usage" report, you can display graphs for all controllers at a site. In the "Location" parameters, select the site rather than an individual controller.

    8.  Click "Run" to generate a new report. When the report displays, you can position the cursor (or tap) on any data bar or point on a line graph to display a pop-up box that shows the data details.

    9.  To print the report, click the "Print" icon. The Print dialog box displays. Verify the printer settings, and then click "OK".

    10.  To return to the "Reports" menu, click the "Menu" icon in the upper-left corner of the BaseManager page, and then click "Reports".