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    Historical Diagnostics

    BaseManager: Analytics

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    Historical Diagnostics will tell you what has been occurring on your site or at your controller for a date range that you specify.

    • Two-Wire Voltage

    • Two-Wire Current

    • Temperature

    1.  Begin by selecting the date range. Click the "From" and "To" fields. A pop-up calendar displays.

    2.  Select the date ranges that you want to view.

    3.  Click "Refresh" to display the graph.

    4.  Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the graph to view the complete results.

    5.  To download or print the graphic, click the  icon located just underneath the "Refresh" button.

    You can zoom in and filter results within the selected date range by clicking on the increments listed next to "Zoom". Increments range from one day down to one minute.