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    Backing-Up SubStation Programming

    AdminManager: SubStation Admin

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    A backup of SubStation programming occurs automatically on a weekly basis. We recommend that you create a backup before you make significant changes to the programming on your SubStation. The backup will allow you to restore to the previous programming if anything goes wrong. Backing up SubStation programming can be done can be done while in App Manager.

    1.  In the AdminManager submenu, click Manage SubStations. The Manage SubStations page displays.

    2.  Click in the row for the SubStation that you want to back-up the programming on. The SubStation information displays in a slide-out pane.

    3.  Click the Backup Programming header row to expand the section if necessary. The date and time of the last back up is shown in the header row.

    4.  To back up the programming, click Backup in the Backup Controller row. The programming that is currently on the SubStation will be backed up.

    5.  Click <BACK in the upper-left corner of the slide-out pane to return to the Manage SubStations page.