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    Getting Started BaseStation 3200

    BaseStation 3200

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    Here’s how to get started with your new BaseStation 3200 controller. 

    Follow the Three Steps Below:

    STEP 1
    Set Up Controller Communication

    Once your controller has been installed, it is important to set up your method of communication. 


    How to set up an Ethernet connection
    How to set up a Cell Modem connection
    To set up an ER Radio, contact your Baseline Customer Success Manager or support.


    AppManager Getting Started



    If your IT department has restrictions on connecting to their network with ethernet or Wi-Fi, please contact, and we will help with the process to set up fixed IP addresses.


    STEP 2
    Authorizing your Controller

    Once the controller connects to the Baseline server for the first time, a 6 Digit Authorization PIN will display on the screen. Take a photo or write down the PIN as you need it to activate the controller in AppManager.


    Using the PIN to authorize your controller


    Adding controllers to BaseManager
    Adding controllers to AppManager


    If you have questions, here are 3 ways to get answers:

    1.  Search within this Baseline knowledgebase

    2.  Visit the Baseline support page

    3.  Call 866-294-5847 or email, hours are from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm Eastern Time or 4:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time.