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    Unlocking an Offline OptiFlow Controller

    WeatherTRAK Central


    This article will discuss how to unlock an offline OptiFlow controller with an unlock code retrieved using WeatherTRAK Central. You can also obtain an unlock code from WeatherTRAK Mobile, as explained in this article

    Finding the Unlock Code via WeatherTRAK Central

    1.  Sign in to

    2.  Navigate to the OptiFlow tab, Unlock Controller sub-tab. 


    3. Make sure the Site with the offline OptiFlow enable controller is selected. If not, use the search bar at the top of the screen.



    4.  From the right column titled Site Controllers under Site Flow Management, identify the offline controller from the list of controllers.


    5.  Click and drag the offline controller from the Site Controllers column to the adjacent Site Controller Status column on the left, and drop where Unlocked is located. 

    6. The controller will become listed under Action Required. Click the Manage button. 



    7.  The Configure for Maintenance Mode panel will be revealed, and the controller will be listed within. Click the Unlock button.



    8.  When the popup is presented, click OK and make note of the unlock code that is displayed. 




    Entering the Unlock Code

    Go to the OptiFlow enabled controller panel and press the RUN button.



    Press the Right  - > Arrow button once.



    The screen should read, AF MAINTENANCE MODE with 0000 underneath. 



    Be mindful of the curser underneath the first zero (0000) and use the + and - buttons to enter the first digit. 

    Press the Right  - > Arrow button to move to the next digit. 

    After all four digits have been entered correctly, the panel will become unlocked.

    Unlock Code Video

    The following video explains how to Unlock an offline controller.