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    OptiFlow Overview

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    OptiFlow is now easier than ever to configure and optimize flow across any site—even for complex flow configurations with multiple points of connection on a single mainline.  

    Here are some new features that we are excited to share with you.

    Features OptiFlow 1.0 OptiFlow 2.0
    Manager on a mainline 1 10
    Total controllers on a mainline 10 30
    Stations on a mainline 960 2,880

    Independent Points of Connection

    The advanced OptiFlow system will now support mainlines with multiple POCs. Each POC is attached to an individual OptiFlow XR controller which can share flow between as many as 30 controllers on a single mainline. Each POC is set with its own threshold, independent of the mainline. Having the ability to individually set the POC thresholds will allow you to dial in the exact amount of water each POC supplies to the system. This will allow the system to operate more efficiently and provide more accurate alerts for any leaks in the mainline. OptiFlow 2.0 advances from supporting one Manager controller with four POC’s on a single mainliner to supporting up to 40 POC’s on a single mainline across 10 Manager controllers.

    Flow Dynamics

    Flow rates are now combined from each POC in the cloud to learn flow and to trigger alerts. Set mainline breaks thresholds for each POC, independent of the mainline. Mainline break thresholds can be set with a flat number or a percentage of the mainline threshold, depending on your site. When the system irrigates and downstream zones call for water, the system will activate every POC (master valve or pump) on that given mainline. The OptiFlow system will combine the flow rates from each POC in the cloud to monitor for Station High Flow alerts. When a station is faulted it will be skipped for the rest of the cycle.

    When a POC sees a flow value greater than its threshold, and that POC is set to “Alarm + Action”, the POC will shut itself off. In a looped mainline with multiple POC’s, when one POC shuts down due to a high flow alert, it will likely cause a high flow alert to trigger at subsequent POC’s as more water will be pulled from each of them. We refer to this process as a “Cascading Mainline Break.”


    No Flow and Low Flow alerts are now supported. For ease in troubleshooting, you will receive individual alerts from each controller if this happens.

    Maintenance Window 

    Changes to scheduling can now be made at any time. With OptiFlow 2.0, you can make edits to your schedules during the maintenance and irrigation window time frames.  Changes will take effect as described below.

    For changes made during the maintenance window:

    If scheduled queues have not been sent for the day, changes will be effective immediately.

    If scheduled queues have been sent for the day, changes will become effective at the end of the next irrigation cycle.

    For changes made during the irrigation window:

    The change will become effective at the end of the irrigation window.


    Support Configurations:

    We’ve increased the number of managers and controllers on a mainline and upped the number of POC’s per manager. The chart below details the changes.


    What happens if a mainline break occurs on a site with multiple managers?

    If you get a mainline break with multiple managers, the only master valve to close would be the master valve associated with the break. Water will still flow through to the other controllers, with an increased flow rate.  The remaining POC’s will close if their thresholds have been reached.

    How does water allocation work in OptiFlow 2.0?

    Anytime a station needs water, for either scheduled irrigation or manual watering, all master valves and pump starts will open at the same time. For scheduled irrigation, information is sent to the cloud, and water is allocated accordingly.

    How many controllers can I manually irrigate from at a time?

    It is now possible to manually irrigate from 4 controllers within a group.