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    Overview of Setting Up Weather-Based Watering

    BaseManager: Working with Weather-Based Watering

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    If you are a new Baseline customer and you want to configure WeatherAccess™, Baseline's weather-based watering with the initial setup of your irrigation controller, you'll need to perform all the steps in the following list.

    If you already have your Baseline irrigation controller set up and your BaseManager Plus account activated and configured, and you want to convert to WeatherAccess, you'll need to perform the steps in the following list starting at Step 9.

    1.  Install your controller and connect all your devices (Refer to your controller's user manual)

    2.  Make sure your controller is running the most current firmware version (Refer to your controller's user manual)

    3.  Search for and assign devices (Refer to your controller's user manual)

    4.  Set up basic programs (Refer to your controller's user manual)

    5.  Install your communication equipment (Refer to the installation guide that came with your communication equipment)

    6.  Connect your controller to BaseManager (Refer to the BaseManager Quick Start Guide)

    7.  Call Baseline to activate your BaseManager Plus account (Call 866-294-5847)

    8.  Set up your BaseManager Plus account (Refer to the topics under Setting Up Your BaseManager Account in the this online help)

    9.  Connect a weather station to BaseManager (Refer to Connecting a Weather Station to BaseManager)

    10.  Assign the weather station to your controller (Refer to Assigning a Weather Station to an Irrigation Controller)

    11.  Configure the hydrozone settings (Refer to Updating Zone Details)

    12.  Enable the controller to use WeatherAccess