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    Overview of BaseManager Maps

    BaseManager: Maps

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    The maps in BaseManager provide flexible tools for managing your sites.

    Maps have a view mode and an edit mode. If you change the zoom level or the position of the map in view mode, the changes are temporary and the map will revert to the former settings when you navigate away from the current page. When you go into edit mode, you can make changes and then save them. Refer to How Do I Save a Map View?

    A distinct map is presented for each of the following levels. No markers display on the maps by default. You must add markers as needed to the maps at each level. Refer to How Do I Add Markers?

    • Company: You can add markers for your sites, and add custom markers to the company-level map.

    • Site: You can add markers for your controllers, and add custom markers to the site-level map.

    • Controller: You can add markers for your zones and two-wire devices. You can also add custom markers.

    Refer to the topic on Understanding the Data Hierarchy for an explanation of how the map levels are structured.

    The controller and device markers on the map are colored to show their real-time status. To see the meaning of the colors, view the Status Color Key. Refer to How Do I View the Status Color Key?

    When your map view has markers for zones and devices, you can perform the following tasks from the map: