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    (CO) Controller Off

    Status Alert

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    When a Controller Off (CO) status alert occurs, it means that a user has placed the controller into OFF mode.

    While in OFF mode:

    • All scheduled irrigation will stop indefinitely

    • A normally open master valve will be left in the open, or in the default position

    • The controller will continue to receive daily ET’s and calculate specific depletion

    • Manual Irrigation, Runtime Valve Test, and MV Override are still enabled

    Clearing a Controller OFF Status Alert:

    You do not need to do anything to clear a Controller OFF status alert.  The alert will clear when the controller is turned back on.  The controller can be turned back on from the controller, from WeatherTRAK Central, or from the WeatherTRAK mobile app.

    To learn how to change controller modes from your WeatherTRAK Mobile, read:

    Changing Controller Mode with the WeatherTRAK App

    To learn how to change controller modes from the control panel or from WeatherTRAK Central, read:

    Set a Controller to OFF Mode