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    (CCRP) Climate Center Rain Pause

    Status Alert

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    When a Climate Center Rain Pause (WeatherTRAK Rain Pause) alert occurs, it means that irrigation has been paused by the Climate Center because of evapotranspiration (ET) data received. The controller stops calculating depletion on paused stations, and all scheduled irrigation will stop until the Climate Center Rain Pause duration has expired. If it has recently rained, this is expected controller behavior.


    If the station’s usable rainfall setting is none, some stations may still irrigate.  

    How to Clear a Climate Center Rain Pause (WeatherTRAK Rain Pause):

    You do not need to do anything to clear this alert. When the WeatherTRAK Rain Pause duration ends, the alert will clear automatically.

    If you want to remove the Climate Center Rain Pause (WeatherTRAK Rain Pause), read: Removing a WeatherTRAK Rain Pause.