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    (ALK) Advanced Leak

    OptiFlow Alert

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    When an advanced leak alert occurs, flow has exceeded both the advanced leak alert threshold and the evaluation time threshold during non-irrigation hours.


    Possible Causes

    • A quick coupler or hose bib has been plugged in and left for too long or is stuck partially open.

    • Manual override of the irrigation system (such as during a repair or testing).

    • A valve is not closing completely and is leaking.

    • A mainline fitting has a crack and is leaking.

    • A mainline pipe has developed a slow leak.

    Possible Fixes

    • Check for the usage of quick couplers or hose bibs and remind anyone using a quick coupler or hose bib to use the manual override feature which suspends the alert for known usage.

    • Repair any valves, quick couplers or hose bibs.


    Clearing the Alert

    You do not need to do anything to clear this alert. It clears automatically when there is no leak present.