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    (CM) NO ET Communication

    Communication Alert

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    A No ET Communication Alert is a communication alert that occurs when ET data (Evapotranspiration) has not been received for 5 days. The controller will continue to irrigate all stations using the last received ET message for 5 days. After 5 days the controller will use the backup ET value.  

    Possible Causes:

    • Improper microzone has been assigned to the controller

    • Intermittent communication

    • The ET subscription has expired

    Possible Fixes:

    • Call HydroPoint Customer Service to verify the microzone and ask for a new ET signal to be sent. Confirm ET message is received.

    • Renew WeatherTRAK ET Everywhere subscription.


    Internal instruction

    The admin tab in a controller admin page is where we can "update ET" 

    To clear a No ET Communication Alert:

    A No ET Communication Alert will automatically clear when communication is restored.