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    How Do I Activate My Account?

    BaseManager: Getting Started

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    When you are ready to activate your BaseManager account, you will need to go online and fill out the App Manager Web Account Set-Up Form. Be prepared to provide the following information: 

    • Company name
    • Site name
    • The full name of the person who is to be the company administrator
    • The email address of the person who is to be the company administrator
    • The registration PIN from one controller at the site given above (refer to How Do I Add Controllers?)
    • The MAC address from the same controller

    Baseline Support will assign the company admin username and password. The admin can change this password after logging in for the first time.

    After Baseline Support has created your company, the person who has been given company admin privileges must create sites and then add controllers to those sites. The company admin must create users before giving those users access to specific controllers.

    Baseline Support may create some of the data hierarchy for you when we register your account. When you are logged in to the Company Admin interface, click the "Options" in the "My Company Admin" menu on the left side of the page and review the information on the pages that display to determine what data you need to create.