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    Getting Started


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    BaseManager is a powerful cloud-based central control and remote access application that is part of the AppManager framework. BaseManager allows any BaseStation 3200™ or BaseStation 1000™ controller to be managed remotely over the Internet. With BaseManager, you’ll be able to do everything you normally have to do at the controller from the convenience of any Internet-connected device. 

    Here are the basic steps for getting started with BaseManager.

    1.  Activate your BaseManager account. Refer to How Do I Activate My Account?

    2.  Sign in to AppManager and then launch BaseManager. Refer to Signing Into AppManager and Launching the BaseManager App

    3.  Log into BaseManager Admin and add sites, controllers, and users. Refer to How Do I Login to the Administration Interface?

    4.  Configure your controllers in the BaseManager interface. Refer to How Do I Setup My Controller? and Working with Programs & Schedules