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    Water Usage Report

    BaseManager: Reports

    PDF es:

    The information at the top of the report shows:

    • The site and controller that the report was generated for

    • How many flow meters/sensors are enabled on the controller

    • The total number of gallons used in the time period

    The bar graph shows the amounts for the specified interval.

    • Expected flow is calculated by adding together the learned flow or design flow for each running zone.

    • Actual flow is the sum of values from all flow meters/sensors during the specified time period.

    • You can position the cursor (or tap) on any data bar on the graph to display a pop-up box that shows the data details.

    When you create the report, you can choose an interval for the data.

    Report Interval Options
    To see the data displayed...
    Choose the following interval...
    One Week, Two Weeks, or One Month
    One Year