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    Setting Up a Mainline (BaseStation 3200)

    BaseManager: Setting Up Flow Management & Monitoring

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    1.  Make sure that the irrigation controller you want to work with is displayed in the BaseManager footer. To select a different controller, click the Menu icon Menu in the upper-left corner of the BaseManager page, and then click Sites and Controllers. Continue drilling down until you can select the desired controller. 

    2.  Click the Flow Setup tab, and then click Mainlines in the menu that displays.

    3.  In the Mainlines list, click in the row for the mainline that you want to set up. The Mainline Settings page displays. If a checkmark displays in the Managed by FlowStation box in the upper-right corner, you cannot make changes to the mainline settings in BaseManager. Settings for mainlines that are managed by the FlowStation can only be changed on the FlowStation, in FlowManager, or on their respective BaseStation 3200 irrigation controllers.

    To return to the Mainlines list, click the < arrow in the upper-left of the Mainline Settings page.

    4.  Click the Edit button in the lower-right of the BaseManager footer. The Mainline fields become available for editing.

    5.  In the Description field, type a name that makes this Mainline easy to identify.

    Limit the number of characters in the Description to 32 characters (BaseStation 1000) or 42 characters (BaseStation 3200). If you enter a longer description, the controller will automatically shorten it, and then pass the new version back to BaseManager.

    6.  In the Enabled field, click on the box to add a checkmark, which indicates that the mainline can be used. If you do not want the mainline to be used, click on the box to remove the checkmark.

    7.  In the Design Flow field, type the gallons per minute (GPM) flow in this mainline. The BaseStation 3200 uses this value to manage the number of concurrent zones so that the mainline is used as efficiently as possible. If you set this value to zero, you cannot use this GPM amount to control zone concurrency.

    8.  In the Type of Flow Stabilization field, click either Timed or Pressure to indicate how you want flow stabilization to be monitored. The following Flow Stabilization Value field displays either Minutes or PSI depending on which type you select.

    9.  In the Flow Stabilization Value field, type the amount of time or the PSI reading that is required to fill the pipe and achieve a steady flow rate after a valve change.

    10.  If you select the Manage by Flow check box, the controller uses the design flow of the individual zones (or learned flow) to turn on zones that are waiting to water until their design flow is equal to or less than the available flow on the mainline.

    11.  In the Flow Variance Limit field, you can set the variance limit to 0 (Off) or to any value between 1% and 100%. During normal program watering, the controller compares the sum of the design flow (or learned flow) from all running zones against the measured flow of the flow device (or the sum of all flow devices supplying water to the mainline). The measured flow may be higher or lower than the expected flow. When the ratio becomes greater than the variance, then an alarm is generated. For example, if the expected flow is 50 GPM, and the Flow Variance Limit is 10%, then the acceptable flow range is up to 55 GPM.

    12.  Select the Shutdown check box if you want the mainline to shut down when a high or low flow variance condition is detected.

    13.  If you want to monitor flow variance within GPM ranges, expand the Advanced Flow Variance section. Type variance percentages for low flow and high flow in the GPM range fields as needed. If you want the mainline to shut down when the variance is low or high, click one or both of the Shutdown checkboxes. To enable Advanced Flow Variance, click the Use check box on the right side of the screen.

    14.  If you want to set up delays for the zones assigned to this mainline, expand the Mainline and Zone Delays section. Click either Timed or Pressure to indicate how you want the delay to be managed. The fields in this section display either Minutes or PSI depending on which type you select. Complete the fields as needed.

    15.  To assign zones to this mainline, expand the Zone Assignment section. Refer to Assigning Zones to Mainlines (BaseStation 3200).

    16.  When you finish making changes to the Mainline settings, click the Save button in the BaseManager footer.