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    Updating to the V17 Firmware from a USB Drive

    BaseStation 3200: Firmware

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    We always recommend that you perform a system backup before you update the controller firmware. If you experience issues with the firmware update, you can restore your controller to the previous configuration.


    The following procedure assumes that your computer is running Microsoft Windows.

    Copy the Firmware Update from the Baseline Website onto a USB Drive


    It is best to have an empty USB drive for each firmware update that you need to apply. Label each USB drive with the firmware version number, and then copy the specific file(s) to the appropriate drive. Apply the updates in the proper order. If you do not have multiple USB drives for multiple updates, you can use a single USB, but we recommend that you have only one firmware update on the USB drive at a time.

    1.  Visit the article: Firmware Version Reference and Download

    2.  Go to the BaseStation 3200 table and review the "Read me first" section.

    3.  Find the V17 Firmware Update, and then click the "download" to download the firmware.

    4.  When prompted, choose the Save File option and then click OK. The file is automatically saved into the web browser’s Download directory.

    5.  Plug an empty USB drive into a USB port on your computer.

    6.  When prompted in Windows, click the option to open the folder and view the files. A Windows File Explorer window opens and displays the contents of the USB drive.

    7.  In another Windows File Explorer window, find the Update_17.0.bin file in the Download directory.

    8.  Right-click on the Update_17.0.bin file, and then click Copy.

    9.  Go to the Windows File Explorer window for the USB drive.

    10.  Right-click in the file pane, and then click Paste. Ensure that the file is not copied into a folder on the USB drive.

    11.  Close the Windows File Explorer window for the USB drive.

    12.  In the System Tray area of your Windows Desktop, click the option to Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media.

    13.  When the Safe to Remove Hardware message displays, unplug the USB drive from the computer.

    Update the Firmware on the Controller

    1.  On the BaseStation 3200 controller, plug the USB drive that has the Update_17.0.bin file on it into the USB port.

    2.  Turn the dial to the Advanced position.

    3.  Press the Next button to move to the Update Firmware option, and then press the Enter button. The Update Firmware screen displays.

    4.  In the Source of Update field, verify that USB displays. Verify that the expected firmware version is shown as available next to the ENTR: Update field.

    5.  Press the Next button to move to the ENTR: Update field.

    6.  Press the Enter button to start the firmware update.

    7.  After the controller has restarted, unplug the USB drive from the port.


    If the firmware did not update as expected, please call Baseline Support at 866-294-5847.


    If the BaseStation 3200 is connected to a SubStation or FlowStation, make sure you update each component to the compatible firmware version.