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    BL-5200-PCK biCoder Installation Guide

    Conventional Wire: BL-5200-PCK Series Powered biCoder

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    The Baseline BL-5200-PCK Series Powered biCoders are available in 12, 24, 36, and 48 station count configurations. Each Powered biCoder board is mounted to a metal plate that can to be mounted in an existing enclosure. A mounting template sheet is included. The Powered biCoder requires a 24VAC power source.

    Installation Instructions

    1.  If you are using an existing enclosure, clear out the old controller components. Be sure to leave the transformer, grounding lugs, and valve wires intact.

    2.  In the desired mounting location, use the template provided to mark where holes are indicated by the cross hairs [⊕]. Using the included drill bit, drill 1/8” holes in those locations.


    If you are drilling a stainless steel enclosure, use the included oil pack to keep the drilling location lubricated.

    3.  Mount the BL-5200 PCK Powered biCoder with the screws provided.

    4.  Connect the yellow wire to the top terminal on a 24 VAC transformer using the included wire nut.

    5.  Connect the blue wire to the other terminal on a 24 VAC transformer using the included wire nut.

    6.  Connect the green ground wire from the BL-5200-PCK Powered biCoder to a ground lug, or other appropriate grounding terminal inside the enclosure.

    7.  Connect the valve wires to the valve terminals on the BL-5200-PCK Powered biCoder.

    8.  Connect the two-wire path to the two-wire terminals on the BL-5200-PCK Powered biCoder.

    9.  Match the adhesive-backed door label that is included in the package to the address label on the BL-5200-PCK Powered biCoder, and then attach the label to the inside of the door.

    10.  Follow the instructions in the controller’s user manual to configure each zone.


    Failure to follow all these steps may void the warranty.

    Mounting Template

    Click here to download the BL-5200-PCK Mounting Template.