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    SS-Series Pedestal Installation Guide

    BaseStation 3200; BaseStation 1000

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    The Super Strong series pedestal units are designed to be mounted on a concrete pad and hold a Baseline controller. The controller parts are mounted on panels and are attached inside the pedestal.


    Materials and Tools

    • Tools as needed for constructing the concrete form (drill, screwdriver, marker, tape measure, level, etc.)

    • 2” x 6” lumber for constructing the concrete form

    • Concrete

    • Tools as needed for finishing the concrete

    • Tools as needed for working with conduit (cutter, etc.)

    • Hardware for the electrical power and irrigation wiring (½” conduit, wire, wire nuts, etc.) and tools as needed

    • 4 stainless steel anchor bolts with washers and nuts

    • Wrench for attaching the nuts to the anchor bolts

    Mounting the Pedestal to the Concrete Pad

    The mounting template is attached to the bottom of the pedestal. For shipping purposes, it is attached upside down.

    1.  Remove the template from the bottom of the pedestal by removing the 4 stainless steel bolts, washers, and nuts that attach it to the bottom of the pedestal. 

    2.  Reattach the 4 stainless steel bolts, washers, and nuts to the template in the exact same direction in which they were removed.

    3.  Route the conduits for power and valve wiring to the site for the pedestal. Ensure that the conduits extend at least 5 inches above grade and fit within the opening on the template.

    4. Build a form for the concrete pad. Make the pad at least 26 inches x 26 inches, but it can be larger depending on the location.

    5.  Pour the concrete, and finish the top with a slope for drainage.

    6.  While the concrete is still wet, turn the template upside down so the heads of the bolts are on the bottom. 

    7.  Position the template in the center of the concrete pad, and then push the stainless steel bolts into the wet concrete until the template touches the surface of the concrete. The template should form a smooth, flat surface for the enclosure to bolt onto.

    8.  After the concrete completely dries, remove the template. Set the washers and nuts aside. 

    9.  Ensure that the surface of the concrete is clean, flat, and smooth. 

    10.  Position the mounting holes on the bottom of the pedestal onto the stainless steel bolts, and then use the washers and nuts to secure the pedestal to the concrete pad. 

    11.  Connect the electrical wiring and the irrigation wiring.