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    VIT SB-16SS Pedestal Conversion Guide

    BaseStation 3200

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    This guide describes the steps for removing another manufacturer’s irrigation controller from a VIT SB-16SS pedestal and installing a Baseline controller.

    Remove All Parts of the Original Controller

    1.  Shut down irrigation on the controller. Turn off the controller and disconnect it from power.

    2.  Remove the lower pedestal door, and disconnect all wires and cables between the faceplate/display module and the control boards. 

    3.  Disconnect the lower end of the antenna cable, if present.

    4.  Open the pedestal cover. 

    5.  Remove the screws that attach the faceplate/display module. 

    6.  Remove all components in the lower part of the pedestal, including any mounting brackets that are attached to the inner walls.

    Part 1
    Install Baseline’s Faceplate/Display Module

     1.  On the back of the Baseline faceplate/display module, find the power cord for the fan assembly. Take the cord bundle out  of the location where it was stowed for shipping and  remove the twist tie. You will plug in this cord later.

    2.  Take note of the location of the ribbon cable connector on the back of the Baseline faceplate/display module.

    3.  With the pedestal cover open, position the Baseline faceplate/display module on the top surface and align the slots with the screw holes. 

    4.  Using the screws that came with the Baseline faceplate/display module, securely fasten the module to the pedestal.


    If you received an antenna riser assembly as show in the photo below, you need to drill the mounting holes on the wall of the pedestal as described in part 2 of this guide.  If you did not receive this part, proceed to the instructions in part 3.

    Part 2
    Prepare the Mounting Location for the Antenna Riser

    Baseline’s antenna riser mounts to the exterior wall on the left side of the pedestal as shown in the photo. When converting a pedestal, it is likely that you will need to drill holes through the stainless steel wall.

    Assemble the Following Tools and Materials

    • Safety glasses

    • Gloves

    • Included mounting template

    • Hardened steel center punch

    • Variable speed drill

    • Sharp drill bits (consider using carbide tipped bits for best results)
      • 11/32” drill bit
      • 7/16” drill bit

    • Lubricant for the drill site (such as lithium/moly grease and/or cutting oil)

    • Template on the last page of this document

    • Antenna Riser Mounting Template

    Drill the Mounting Holes

    1.  Align the template on the exterior wall of the pedestal (on your left when facing the front of the pedestal). 

    2.  Use the center punch to mark the location of the 4 mounting holes and the center hole for the  antenna cable. Align the mounting plate of the antenna riser with the marks that you made to ensure the holes line up properly. 

    3.  Put on safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself from metal shards.

    4.  Apply lubricant to the drilling site. Using a low speed with heavy pressure, drill completely through the pedestal wall. Reapply lubricant as needed to prevent the drill bit from overheating. Repeat this step to drill all of the required holes.

    Attach the Antenna Riser

    1.  Make sure the antenna riser is completely assembled and the antenna cable is routed out the bottom. 

    2.  Working from the outside of the pedestal, align the gasket with the mounting holes.

    3.  Feed the free end of the antenna cable through the center hole and into the interior of the pedestal.

    4.  Working from the outside of the pedestal, insert the bolts into the 4 holes.

    5. Working from the inside of the pedestal, thread the nuts onto the 4 bolts. Tighten the nuts snugly.

    Part 3
    Install Baseline’s Control Board Mounting Plate

    1.  Inside the lower pedestal, locate the standoff bolts in the 4 corners of the back wall. Remove any nuts and/or washers that are on these bolts.

    2.  Carefully fit the Baseline control board mounting panel inside the lower pedestal so that the control board is at the top and the electrical junction box is in the lower-left. Position the corner holes on the standoff bolts.

    3.  Place a large washer on each bolt, and then secure all mounting positions with nuts.

    Attach the Ribbon Cable

    1.  The ribbon cable may already be connected to the control board. Check to ensure that it is seated properly and that the side clips are latched.

    2.  Route the ribbon cable toward the back of the faceplate/display module, and secure it in the clip at the top of the mounting panel.

    3.  Connect the ribbon cable to the back of the faceplate/display module and ensure that the side clips are latched.


    Make sure the ribbon cable is securely attached to both connectors before you power up the controller.

    Attach the Antenna Cable to the Communication Module

    1.  Remove the communication module from the mounting panel in order to attach the antenna cable. For more information, refer to the installation guide for the specific type of communication module that you have. The documents are available on the Baseline website (


    Make sure the antenna cable remains securely attached to the connector on the Ethernet radio. After you have connected the antenna, use a cable tie to secure the antenna cable to the communication module board as shown in the photo. If the radio is powered up with a loose or disconnected antenna, damage may occur to the circuitry. This damage is not covered by warranty.

    Connect the Fan Power Cord

    1.  Find the power cord for the fan inside the pedestal. 

    2.  Route the cord beside the control board on the back panel, and then connect the plug to the outlet on the junction box.

    Complete the Conversion

    1.  Peel the backing from the Baseline controller label and stick it on the inside of the pedestal cover. 

    2.  Connect the electrical wiring and the irrigation wiring. 

    3.  Replace the door on the front of the pedestal.

    4.  Power up the BaseStation controller.