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    Viewing & Clearing Alerts

    WeatherTRAK Mobile

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    From the Sites List page, use the Select button associated with the name of the site you want to view alerts on.

    The Controller List page displays the Controllers found on the selected Site.

    A summary of the alerts is shown on the left side of the Controller Settings page button. Critical/Major alerts are on the top, in red, and Minor/Low alerts are on the bottom in gray.

    Tap the Controller Settings page button of the controller you want to view the alerts.

    The Active Alerts page displays.

    Active Alerts can be sorted and viewed by newest, by oldest, or by severity.

    To change how the alert list is ordered, select the filter on the right side of the Active Alerts title area.


    To view an Active Alert, select the specific alert that you want to learn more about. An article displays alert information and troubleshooting tips.

    To clear any Flow, or Electrical alerts, select one of the buttons located a the bottom of the page. 

    Flow alerts will be marked with:

    Electrical alerts will be marked with: