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    Selecting Sprinkler Type


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    The irrigation industry has categorized various sprinkler head types into several types based on their design and usage. The Automated by WeatherTRAK mode incorporates these sprinkler categories along with associated default precipitation rates and sprinkler efficiencies. Selections are listed below.

    • spray head    
    • full circle rotor    
    • part circle rotor    
    • mixed rotor    
    • full circle impact    
    • part circle impact    
    • mixed impact
    • stream rotor    
    • bubbler    
    • drip emitter    
    • stream spray     
    • high-efficiency spray head   
    • sub-surface drip tubing 

    1.  Press the STATIONS button. The SELECT STATION screen displays.

    2.  Press + or to select the desired station.

    3.  Press the button until the SPKLR TYPE (sprinkler type) screen displays.

    4.  Press the + or button to select the sprinkler type you are using.

    5.  Press the button to continue to Setting the Precipitation Rate.