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    Calsense Pedestal Retrofit Installation Guide

    BaseStation 3200; BaseStation 1000

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    Converting a Calsense® Pedestal to Baseline

    1.  Shut down irrigation on the Calsense controller. Turn off the controller and disconnect it from power.

    2. Remove the lower pedestal door, and disconnect all wires and cables between the faceplate/display module and the control boards. 

    3.  Disconnect the lower end of the antenna cable.

    4.  Open the pedestal cover. Disconnect the upper end of the antenna cable. Carefully remove the rubber gasket in the opening for the antenna cable. You will need to reuse this gasket, so try not to damage it or misplace it. Completely remove the antenna cable and set it aside. 

    5.  Close the pedestal cover. Remove the 4 screws that attach the antenna mounting plate to the cover. Remove the antenna. Position Baseline’s “salt shaker” antenna and mounting plate assembly in the same location, and attach it with 4 screws. 

    6.  Open the pedestal cover. Thread the coax connector on the Baseline antenna cable onto the stem of the antenna and hand-tighten it. Route the antenna cable through the opening, and then replace the gasket in the opening. 

    7.  Remove the screws that are holding the Calsense faceplate/display module in place. Remove the faceplate and set it aside. Put the Baseline faceplate in place and attach it with the screws.

    8.  Inside the lower pedestal, remove the nuts and bolts that are holding the control board mounting plate to the mounting brackets. Disconnect the power wiring. Remove the entire mounting plate. 

    9.  Remove the 4 triangular mounting brackets. Set the nuts aside to be reused later.  

    10.  Inside the lower pedestal, on the lower-left wall, place Baseline’s mounting bracket on the 2 standoff bolts, and secure it with the original nuts. The left bracket is placed on top of the vent mesh. Repeat this step to secure the mounting bracket on the lower-right wall. 

    11.  Inside the pedestal, on the upper-right wall, find the 2 standoff bolts near the upper vent. Place a yellow plastic cap over each bolt. The caps will protect the Baseline fan assembly.  

    12. Inside the pedestal, at the top of the back wall, locate the 4 bolts that attach the top cover to the pedestal base. Remove the nuts from the 2 middle screws being careful that the bolts don’t fall out. Set the nuts aside to be reused later.

    13. On the Baseline control board mounting panel, identify the communication module. On the communication module, identify the connector for the antenna cable. After the control board mounting panel is installed inside the pedestal, you will need to securely attach the antenna cable. You might need to remove the communication module from the mounting panel in order to attach the antenna cable. For more information, refer to the installation guide for the specific type of communication module that you have. The documents are available on the Baseline website (


    Make sure the antenna cable remains securely attached to the connector on the Ethernet radio. After you have connected the antenna, use a cable tie to secure the antenna cable to the communication module board as shown in the photo. If the radio is powered up with a loose or disconnected antenna, damage may occur to the circuitry. This damage is not covered by warranty. 

    14. Carefully fit the Baseline control board mounting panel inside the lower pedestal so that the fan assembly is in the upper-right and the electrical junction box is in the lower-left. Position the lower holes on the bolts of the mounting brackets and position the upper holes on the bolts at the top. Secure all mounting positions with star washer nuts.

    15. Securely attach one end of the ribbon cable to the connector on the control board. Attach the other end to the connector on the back of the display module. Press down the clips to ensure that the cable stays securely attached.


    Make sure the ribbon cable is securely attached to both connectors before you power up the controller.

    16.  Peel the backing from the Baseline controller label and stick it over the top of the Calsense label on the inside of the pedestal cover. 

    17.  Connect the electrical wiring and the irrigation wiring. 

    18.  Power up the Baseline controller.