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    X-Series Pedestal Installation Guide

    BaseStation 3200

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    The X-series pedestal units are designed to be mounted on a concrete pad and hold a Baseline controller in an X cabinet. 

    • Remove all packaging materials from the pieces. 
    • Remove the door from the pedestal.
    • Identify all parts.

    Materials and Tools

    • Tools as needed for constructing the concrete form (drill, screwdriver, marker, tape measure, level, etc.)

    • 2” x 6” lumber for constructing the concrete form

    • Concrete

    • Tools as needed for finishing the concrete

    • Tools as needed for working with conduit (cutter, etc.)

    • Hardware for the electrical power and irrigation wiring (½” conduit, wire, wire nuts, etc.) and tools as needed

    • 4 stainless steel anchor bolts with washers and nuts

    • Wrench for attaching the nuts to the anchor bolts

    Mount the Pedestal Base to the Concrete Pad

    1.  Build a form for the concrete pad. 

    2.  Pour the concrete, and finish the top with a slope for drainage.

    3.  Push the heads of 4 stainless steel anchor bolts into the wet concrete in a pattern that matches the mounting holes in the pedestal base. The concrete should form a smooth, flat surface for the base to bolt onto.

    4.  After the concrete completely dries, position the mounting holes on the pedestal base onto the stainless steel bolts, and then use the washers and nuts to secure the pedestal base to the concrete pad. 

    Mount the Pedestal to the Base

    1.  Position the pedestal over the base and lower it into place, making sure that the holes for the screws are aligned. 

    2.  Insert the 6 screws and securely tighten the nuts.

    Attach the Controller Mounting Bracket to the Pedestal

    1.  Align the tabs on the controller mounting bracket with the slots in the top of the pedestal, and then slide the mounting bracket into place. 

    2.  Insert the 5 screws and securely tighten the nuts. 

    3. Thread the small screw into the hole at the top of the mounting bracket and tighten it part way.

    Mount the Controller to the Pedestal 

    1.  Align the mounting plate on the outer back of the X cabinet with the small screw at the top of the controller mounting bracket on the pedestal, and then slide the cabinet into place.

    2.  Make sure that the screw on the mounting bracket comes through the hole in the back of the cabinet. 

    3.  When all pieces are aligned correctly, attach a nut to the screw inside the cabinet. 

    4.  Connect the electrical wiring and the irrigation wiring. 

    5.  Replace the door on the front of the pedestal.