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    X-Cabinet Wall Mount Enclosure Installation Guide

    BaseStation 3200

    PDF es:

    Enclosure Mounting Instructions

    1.  Mount the enclosure on a solid object/foundation taking into consideration wire and conduit paths to electrical power, and the distance from your wire field.

    2.  Hang the enclosure to wall/pole from a #10 or larger screw.

    3.  Locate the position for the lower hole and secure the enclosure with #8x1 inch or larger screw.

    Materials and Tools

    • Hardware (wall anchors, screws, etc.) for mounting the enclosure to the wall

    • Tools as needed for wall mounting hardware (drill, screwdriver, pliers, marker, tape measure, level, etc.)

    • Tools as needed for working with conduit (cement, cutter, etc.)

    • Electrical power connection hardware (½” conduit, wire, wire nuts, etc.) and tools as needed

    Enclosure Electrical Installation


    Baseline recommends that you consult or hire a licensed electrician for these connections.

    1.  Turn AC power off at the source, and verify that it is off.

    2.  Run conduit (½” recommended) between the enclosure and the power source.

    3.  Remove the screw that secures the cover on the wiring compartment, and then remove the cover.

    4.  Connect enclosure power leads to facility power and then replace the cover on the wiring compartment.

    5.  Connect conduit to the bottom of the enclosure.

    6.  Route a bare 6 AWG (4.11 mm) earth ground wire into the wiring area through the conduit opening directly beneath the ground lug, in the bottom of the enclosure. Do not route the ground wire through the same conduit as the incoming primary AC power!

    7.  Loosen the ground lug screw, insert the ground wire into the ground lug, and then tighten the screw to secure the ground wire. Do not overtighten.

    8.  Power up the BaseStation controller and review the status LEDs on the BaseStation front panel.