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    What is RainShare?

    Smart Controllers

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    RainShare enables one rain sensor to be shared with multiple controllers on a site.  Simply install a rain sensor on your site (or use the site’s existing sensor), then assign it as your RainShare controller in WeatherTRAK Central. All the other controllers on that same site will automatically pause when your RainShare controller is paused.

    When the assigned controller detects rain, it will instruct other controllers to pause irrigation. When the assigned controller detects that rain has stopped, it will instruct other controllers that rain has stopped. Irrigation will resume as scheduled.

    RainShare is compatible with any normally closed rain sensor.


    Existing site controllers must have the latest firmware containing RainShare in order to use it. The LC Central and ET Pro3 controllers need to have firmware version 7.8.1 or higher. The OptiFlow XR and ET Pro3 with OptiFlow Key need to have firmware version 8.4.1 or above.

    Firmware Upgrades

    Upgrading firmware is done through the Cloud Update Key. 

    To upgrade the firmware using the Cloud Update Key for the LC+ Controller, read:
    Cloud Update Key Instructions: LC+

    To upgrade the firmware using the Cloud Update Key for the ET Pro3 and ET Pro3 2-Wire controllers, read:
    Cloud Update Key Instructions: ET Pro3 and Pro3 2-Wire

    Enabling RainShare on the WeatherTRAK controller

    Assigning a controller on your site as a RainShare controller is done online in 

    1. Log in to

    2.  Under the Sites tab, click Manage Site.

    3.  From the drop-down list in the Sites window, select the desired site.

    4.  Click the Edit button next to site details. The following screen displays:

    5.  From the drop-down list in the RainShare window, select the controller that you want as the site’s RainShare controller.

    6.  Click Save.


    What if I have more than one controller on the site with a rain sensor?

    For controllers on the site that have rain sensors that aren’t the designated RainShare controller, the controller will pause as directed by the RainShare controller. If the attached rain sensor detects rain when the RainShare controller doesn’t, that individual controller will pause but other controllers on the site won’t be affected.


    What happens when the controller pauses?

    Rain pause will go into effect, and you will receive a rain pause alert for each controller.


    Can you make a single controller on a site not respond to RainShare?

    Yes, if you set the effective rainfall to none for the desired controller, it will not be affected by RainShare. Configuring usable rainfall can be done from or from the controller. To set the rainfall to none from the controller, read the following article: Configuring Usable Rainfall


    Is my rain sensor compatible?

    Yes, any normally closed rain sensor is compatible with RainShare.

    Will a rain service pause keep a controller paused, even if that controller has a RainShare master that says to unpause?  

    Yes. A rain pause from our climate center would still cause the controller to pause, even if the rain switch or RainShare indicates there is no rain.