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    Connecting a Rain Sensor to a WeatherTRAK Controller

    WeatherTRAK Controllers

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    Follow the installation instructions that came with the particular type of rain sensor you ordered, as each type of rain sensor maybe a little be different.

    1.  Disconnect AC power from the controller.

    2.  Mount the transmitter in a location that is free from overhead interference, typically a building parapet, on a fence or signpost. If vandalism is a concern, make sure it is above arm’s reach. The location will need to be within 100’, line of sight, of the controller.

    3.  Insert wires from the receiver through the opening at the bottom of the controller enclosure.

    4.  Locate the rain sensor terminal block inside of the controller as indicated below. Note that in some WeatherTRAK controller models, the Rain Switch Input may be located on the right side of the mini-chassis.

    5.  Remove the jumper wire from the rain switch input before installing the rain sensor wire.

    6.  Insert the two red wires from the rain sensor into the two red terminals on the mini-chassis.

    7.  Insert the white wire from the rain sensor into the white terminal on the mini-chassis.

    8.   Insert the brown wire from the rain sensor into the black terminal on the mini-chassis.

    9.  After completing the wire connections, mount the receiver next to the controller.

    10.  Reconnect AC power.

    11.  After the sensor and receiver have been installed and the receiver has been wired into the correct terminals, press down the small post sticking out of the top of the rain sensor. Hold this down for 15 seconds to activate the sensor and connect it to the receiver.