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    Viewing Controller Settings

    BaseManager: Operating Your Controller

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    1.  Click the Info icon  beside the controller description in the footer of the BaseManager page. The Controller Settings dialog box displays.

    2.  Review the settings in the dialog box.

    3.  (Optional) Update the controller name by clicking Edit and then typing new text in the Name field. Click Save when you have finished making changes.


    Limit the number of characters in the Description to 32 characters (BaseStation 1000) or 42 characters (BaseStation 3200). If you enter a longer description, the controller will automatically shorten it, and then pass the new version back to BaseManager.

    4.  (Optional) If the button next to the Firmware Version indicates that a new firmware version is available, you can click the button to update the firmware on the controller.

    5.  Click Close at the bottom of the Controller Settings dialog box.