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    BL-ETH-SW Pedestal Installation Guide

    Ethernet Switch

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    Installing the Ethernet Switch in a Pedestal Enclosure

    1.  Halt all watering while you install the Ethernet switch.

    • BaseStation 1000: Press the OFF button.

    • BaseStation 3200: Turn the dial to the OFF position.

    2.  Open the front door of the BaseStation pedestal enclosure.

    3.  Look inside the pedestal at the upper-right of the back wall, and then choose one of the following mounting locations:

    • If you see an empty space with 3 mounting pins, use the Back Wall Mounting Instructions.

    • If you see an Ethernet radio module mounted in this location, use the Side Wall Mounting Instructions on the next page.

    Back Wall Mounting Instructions

      Find the orange power connector on the wires coming from the transformer. Gently pull the connector away from the board to disconnect the power.

    2.  Locate the 3 mounting pins on the back wall of the enclosure to the left of the control board.

    3.  Align the holes on the Ethernet switch mounting plate with the mounting pins, and secure the mounting plate with screws as shown in the illustration.

    4.  Continue with the Power Connector Instructions on the last page of this document.


    Side Wall Mounting Instructions

    1.  Find the orange power connector on the wires coming from the transformer. Gently pull the connector away from the board to disconnect the power. See the photo on the previous page for the location of the orange power connector.

    2.  Move the Ethernet radio module out of the way:

    • Remove the screws used to mount the Ethernet radio module to the back wall. You may be able to move the Ethernet radio module toward the center of the pedestal without disconnecting the power and antenna cables. If not, remove the power and antenna cables, and then set the Ethernet radio module aside in a clean location.

    3.  On the inside left wall, remove the nuts on the lower edge of the external antenna assembly, and then remove the screws. Set the nuts aside to be reused later.

      Align the holes on the Ethernet switch mounting plate with the holes on the inside wall of the pedestal. 

    The photo on the right shows a cell modem module on the mounting plate with the Ethernet switch. The cell modem module may not be present in your configuration.

    5.  Locate the 2 long screws that were provided with the Ethernet switch. Working from the outside of the pedestal, push the screws through the holes on the pedestal wall and through the holes on the Ethernet switch mounting plate.

    6.  Thread the nuts onto the screws and tighten them.

    7.  Replace the Ethernet radio module and reconnect the power and antenna cables if necessary.

    8.  Continue with the Power Connector Instructions on the next page.

    Power Connector Instructions

    1. Locate the 5-pin splitter that is included with the Ethernet switch.

    2.  Inside the pedestal, locate the pair of 5-pin connectors on the upper end of the control board.

    The photo to the right shows the dust cover removed from the control board. You may not need to remove the cover to access the 5-pin connectors.

    3.  Carefully remove the plug from the lower connector.

    4.  Attach the 5-pin splitter onto the lower connector.

    5.  Attach the plug that you removed from the control board onto one of the connectors on the 5-pin splitter.

    6.  Attach the end of the power cord from the Ethernet switch to the other connector on the 5-pin splitter.

    7.  Attach the 3’ Ethernet patch cable to the Ethernet switch and to the back of the controller display.

    8.  Attach an Ethernet cable to the communication module (such as a cell modem gateway or Ethernet radio) and to one of the ports on the Ethernet switch. Repeat this step for any additional communication modules.

    9.  In another Ethernet port, connect an Ethernet cable to the 

    10.  Reconnect the orange power connector to the board in order to restore power to the controller.

    11.  Verify that the LEDs on the communication module(s) are illuminated.

    12.  Close the enclosure door, and then restart the controller.