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    BL-ER-X Installation Guide

    Ethernet Radio: X/XS Cabinet

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    Installing the Ethernet Radio Unit

    1.  Remove the Ethernet radio unit and the antenna from its packaging.

    2.  Familiarize yourself with the parts labelled in the illustration below.

    3.  Inspect the antenna cable connection on the back of the Ethernet radio unit to ensure that it is securely connected.


    Make sure the antenna cable remains securely attached to the connector on the Ethernet radio. If the radio is powered up with a loose or disconnected antenna, damage may occur to the circuitry. This damage is not covered by warranty.

    4.  Power down the controller.

    5.  Use needle-nose pliers to remove the rubber plug from the antenna port on the top of the cabinet.

    6.  Remove the nut and the lock washer from the bottom of the antenna, and then insert the stem of the antenna into the port on the top of the cabinet.

    7.  From the inside of the cabinet, place the lock washer on the stem of the antenna, and then thread the nut onto the stem. Use a wrench to tighten the nut sufficiently to ensure that the antenna makes good contact with the outside of the cabinet.


    8.  Thread the coax connector that is attached to the antenna cable onto the stem of the antenna and hand-tighten it.

    9.  Attach the standoffs to the mounting pins inside the cabinet.

    10.  Align the mounting holes on the radio unit with the standoffs. Use the screws provided to securely attach the unit inside the cabinet.

    11.  Plug the 5-pin connector from the Endpoint radio unit into one of the 5-pin male power connectors on right end of the controller board.

    12.  Power up the controller.

    13.  Follow the instructions in the Ethernet Radio Configuration Guide to complete the radio setup.