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    Event File Abbreviations

    BaseStation 3200


    The BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller tracks all actions such as programming changes, water times, moisture levels, and other internal actions that occur on the controller. These actions are recorded in an event file on the controller. Event files are useful in determining what happened in the past to help troubleshoot and clarify behavior that is not understood.  

    Below is an explanation of the abbreviations used for the event files.

    Category Abbreviations

     Abbreviation Word
    AL Alarm
    AN Pressure Decoder
    BM BaseManager
    CP Control Point 
    ET Evapotranspiration
    FM Flow Monitor 
    FS Flow Sensor 
    IO IOT Servier
    ML Mainline
    MS Moisture Sensor 
    MV Master Valve
    NM Cloud Network Module 
    NT Ethernet
    PG Program
    PM Pump 
    PS Pump Station 
    RG Rain Guage Decoder 
    SS SubStation 
    SW Event Switch
    SY System
    TS Temperature Sensor 
    TW Two-Wire 
    WS Water Source 
    ZP Primary Zone
    ZN Zone 

    Sub-Category Abbreviations

    Abbreviation  Word
    AD ET Adjustment
    BK Backup
    BT Boot up 
    CA Clear All
    CB Calibration 
    CC Configuration Change 
    CL Clear
    CN Connect
    DC Disconnect
    DN Done
    DR Drop 
    DS Disable
    DT Date/Time
    ER Error
    FV Flow Variance
    HF High Flow 
    HR Hourly Data 
    LF Learn Flow 
    LP Low Pressure
    LR Learn Flow Results 
    MR Manual Run 
    OF Off
    PA Pause
    RD Reading
    RS Restore
    RN Run
    RL Run List 
    RX Receive
    SB Subtract
    SE Set
    SK Skipped
    SO Soak
    SR Start
    ST Status
    SP Stop
    TF Traffic
    TT Transmit
    TX Text
    UD Update
    VT Variance Test
    WA Wait
    WT Water

    Who or Actor Abbreviations

    Abbreviation Word 
    AD Administrator
    BL Baseline Commander
    BM BaseManager
    CM Cloud Network Module
    CP Control Point
    DL Dial
    DT Date/Time
    ED Event Date
    ET Ethernet
    FJ Flow Jumper 
    FM Flow Meter
    FS FlowStation
    IO IOT Server
    ML Mainline 
    MS Moisture Sensor 
    MV Master Valve
    NT Network 
    OP Operator 
    PG Program
    PJ Pause Jumper
    PP Program Priority 
    PR Programmer
    PS Pressure Sensor
    PZ Primary Zone
    RA Rain Shutdown
    RG Rain Gauge
    RJ Rain Jumper 
    SB SubStation
    SW Event Switch
    SY System
    TE Test Engine
    TS Temperature Sensor 
    US User
    WS Weather Station 
    WW Water Window
    ZN Zone