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    Creating, Canceling & Viewing a MVO (Master Valve Override)

    WeatherTRAK Mobile

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    Master Valve Override (MVO) can be used to allow access to the mainline for a period of time without triggering an (MB) Mainline Break alert. A common scenario would be while using a quick coupler.

    From the Sites List page, use the Select button associated with the name of the site containing the Controller(s) you want to create a Master Valve Override (MVO) for.

    The Controller List page displays the Controllers found on the selected Site.

    Select the Controller Settings page button of the controller you want to create a Master Valve Override (MVO) for.

    Select the Access tab to display the Access page. If the Controller supports the MVO feature, it will be made available, as shown.

    Create an MVO by selecting the large Master Valve Override button and choose a duration (in minutes) you would like the override to last for.

    Once the MVO becomes Active, the button will begin to display a count down (hr:min) of the selected amount of time, above "Resumes". The Controller will automatically cancel the override when the time expires.

    Cancel an MVO by selecting the Active button and then choose "0 min". After a short pending period, the MVO will become Inactive.