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    Water Meter Compatibility

    This document identifies water meters that are compatible with WaterCompass magnetometer devices.


    WaterCompass Water Meter Compatibility

    The WaterCompass FM200 flow monitor provided by HydroPoint is compatible with most positive displacement and velocity water meters installed in the field today. The following list of compatible water meters is not comprehensive, so please contact HydroPoint for additional information if your water meter is not listed below.

    Please Note: Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic water meters are NOT compatible with the FM200 flow monitor, however, the FM200 flow monitor can connect to an ultrasonic water meter if a dedicated pulse out is available from the water meter. 


    Model: C700, Scancoder


    Models: Recordall M25, M35, M70 M120, M170, IT, ITH, OP, RT, RTH, CSM Series

    Models: Recordall Compound and Fire Series

    Models: HR and HRE LCD encoders

    The FM200 is not compatible with the Badger E-series ultrasonic water meters. 


    Models: PD-100, PD-50, and PD-75.


    Models: C-700, C400, S120

    The FM200 is not compatible with the Elster Q4000 and EVOQ4 ultrasonic water meters.


    Note: Hersey water meters were merged into Mueller systems in 2010 . You may find the following water meter models made by Hersey or Mueller, depending on when the meter was manufactured.

    Models: 400 Series (PD), 500 Series (PD), SSR series, MCT II compound series, MVR series.

    The FM200 is not compatible with the Hersey HbMag magnetic water meters.  


    The FM200 is not compatible with the Kampstup flowIQ series or Mag8000 water meters. 

    Master Meter

    Models: BL05. Dialog, BLMJ meter, PD meter

    The FM200 is not compatible with the Master Meter Octave ultrasonic water meter. 


    Models: T-10, E-CODER series, Tricon/S, Aquity, ProRead, TRU/FLO Compound meter

    The FM200 is not compatible with the Neptune Mach10 ultrasonic water meter. 


    Models: Omni w/ pulse output

    The FM200 is not compatible with the Sensus 640C/640MC and iPerl.


    Models: PMM series, Nitro2 series, PPD series, 

    The FM200 is not compatible with the PMN series, Nitro 1 series, and ZPM series of water meters. 

    Additional Meters

    The FM200 flow monitor is also compatible with water meters from Allegro, Amco, Carlon, DLJ, Dwyer, FRS, Henry, Inverses, Kent, Metron Farnier, M&E, Onion, Rockwell, Schlumberger, Seametrics, Zenner and many more. 

    HydroPoint has relationships with water departments across the country. Some water companies have ordinances that limit your ability to open the meter box or utility vault. Other water companies may have ordinances that limit the installation of 3rd party devices on the water meter. If your water provider has issues attaching a flow monitor non-intrusively to the water meter, HPDS has alternate solutions available to capture total building water consumption. 

    If your water meter is not listed or you have questions, please contact us at We will be happy to review photos of your water meter to confirm compatibility. 

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