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    Connectivity Tips

    WeatherTRAK Mobile

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    The following tips can be helpful In order to ensure optimal performance when using the WeatherTRAK Mobile app.

    Update Controller Firmware

    Updating to the latest controller firmware to get all the latest features, fixes, and performance improvements. The easiest way to update your controller is to get the Cloud Update Key. If you already have the Cloud Update Key installed, you can request a firmware update by calling Customer Support at 800-362-8774 or by filling out this form

    Please Note: ET Pro2 does not support the Cloud Update Key. 

    Check Cellular Signal

    Check that your phone has a sufficient cellular signal. Apps like Speedtest by Ookla can run tests to check your performance and cell signal strength.  

    Upgrade to LTE 

    If your controller is experiencing general communication issues (intermittently going offline, or running backup schedules), you may want to update your controller to LTE.  LTE provides you with the latest standard for connectivity between your WeatherTRAK controller and the cloud. To learn more about how to upgrade your controller to LTE, read:  LTE Antenna Upgrade Kits. 

    Please note: if you have a Pro2 controller, you cannot update to LTE. To upgrade your Pro2 controller, Click here.

    Worry-Free Wireless Warranty  

    Many controllers are eligible for the Worry-Free Wireless Warranty, which is designed to ensure that the connection your irrigation system uses to receive ET weather data and system updates will always work, even as cellular technology changes.